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A Companion to the Philosophy of Science by W. H. Newton-Smith

By W. H. Newton-Smith

This can be a strong choice of articles on a large choice of significant issues within the philosophy of technological know-how. Esp. strong for undergraduates to get an outline of key arguments approximately numerous faculties of inspiration, thoughts, and thinkers. Given the rather low cost, the massive variety of pages, and the standard of (most) of the articles, it's really worth procuring.

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Granted that there are individual differences between the parent squirrels (A) and their offspring (F. e .. in A, F. and E) . The example brings out a point about natural forms that seems never to be verified of artificial fonns. At least in some instances, a natural or unifying form (F) has within itself the potentiality of producing one or more forms identical to itself in kind (E), and thus can be the agent (A) of such a production, which as a natural process will tend to terminate uniformly in this way even though it does not do so with absolute necessity.

5 A surprising implication of this line of reasoning is that matter, as a basic constituent of all natural entities, is no longer seen as the passive and inert component it was previously thought to be. Rather it is a powerful and potential principle that lies at the base of the most cataclysmic upheavals taking place on our planet, to say nothing of those in the remote depths of space. And not only does nature explore those potentialities, but man. through his ingenuity. 6 This achievement. the most breathtaking of the twentieth century, is also one that gives pause to anyone interested in studying man's nature and evaluating his place in the universe as a whole.

Ed. G. Meyer and A. Zinunermann. Mainz: Matthias-Griinewald- Verlag. 1980. 441-463. 13. Rene Descartes presents a good example of a philosopher who never was able to comprehend matter and form as ontological co-principles. It was inconceivable for him that there be any such thing as substantial principles since their status in being would evade precise mathematical determination. In his view matter must be an extended. actual thing. since "potency" is only a confused notion. And , if a form is substantial.

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