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A Concordance of the Qur'an by Hanna E. Kassis

By Hanna E. Kassis

From the ForewordThis Concordance of the Qur'an in English satisfies a paramount desire of those--and there are thousands of them--who haven't any command of the Arabic language and but wish to comprehend the Qur'an. the convenience derivable from English translations of the Sacred publication is, in precept, restricted simply because, first, the Qur'an isn't really a "book" yet a suite of passages published to Muhammad over a interval of approximately twenty-three years and, moment, as the Qur'an isn't translatable. this doesn't suggest that the Qur'an shouldn't be translated. It does suggest that translations lose a lot in tone and nuance, not to mention the incommunicable good looks, grandeur, and charm of the unique. . . .The major contrast of Hana Kassis's concordance, for my part, is that it makes use of the semantic constitution of Arabic vocabulary itself in revealing the that means of the Qur'an on any given factor, element or idea. A reader who appears to be like within the index of this concordance for a be aware which he has encountered in interpreting an English translation of the Qur'an--the observe satisfaction, for example--is directed instantly to the roots of the Arabic, Qur'anic phrases for satisfaction. At tne entries for those Arabic roots, the entire by-product kinds are proven, and the verses of the Qur'an within which they seem are there indexed in translation. . . .I am convinced that anybody who's in actual fact attracted to figuring out the Qur'an and appreciating the nuances of its diction and colors of its that means can fulfill his want extra totally with this publication than whatsoever in need of constructing a true command over the Arabic language itself.--Fazlur Rahman, Professor of Islamic notion, college of Chicago

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39 40 28 49 43 41 M1 - . M M M Y 46 M vs. 38 (Y) vs. 32 (Y) vss. 44-46 (Y) (M, according to Istanboul Edition) vss. 99 Y 106 Y 94- Y 105 Y 102 *Y 101 Y 110 Y 91 Y 98 Y 109 Y 94 Y 110 Y 104 Y 93 Y 104 Y " 108 Y. 101 Y 109 Y 99 Y 107 Y 63 M2 77 M 18 M1 38 :M1 2 M 78 M 42 M1 79 M 51 M2 71 M . 40 M 62 M2 vss. 17-33, 48-50 (Y) xxxvii xxxviii APPENDIX CHAPTER NUMBER 73 74 ARABIC TITLE: al-Muzzammil " al-Muddaththir i; 75 al-Qiyimah ... 76 77 al-Ins5n al-Dahr al-Mursalit 78 al-Naba' 79 al-Nizi 'it 80 81 'Abasa al-Takwir .....

D W DA'AT-to call, to summon; to cry to, to call upon. (pcple. ) a summoner a) perf. act. 7:189 10:22 29:65 31:32 41:33 (189) (23) (65) (31) (33) they cried to God their Lord they call upon God when they embark in the ships, they call on God they call upon God who speaks fairer than he who calls unto God? b) impf. act. 2:221 (221) 6:56 (56) 671 (70) 6:108 (108) 7:37 (35) 7:194 (193) 10:25 (26) 10:66 (67) 10:106 (106) 11:101 (103) God calls unto Paradise, and pardon, by His leave I am forbidden to serve those you call on 'apart from God.

It may be taken by a verb as, a complement (in the accusative) to emphasize the action of the verb. ' *.. while the second is the verbal noun taken by the verb as a complement. The -phrase translates literally as "he died a dying" but more accurately as "he certainly died". In the Concordance this phrase would appear as, "he died", the special brackets indicating that the term "certainly" stands for the Verbal noun. The verbal noun may be qualified by an adjective. noun-pr,. depending on the context, both verbal noun and'adjective may be translated as an adverb.

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