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A Leisure of One's Own: A feminist perspective on women's by M.D. Bialeschki

By M.D. Bialeschki

A starting to be physique of women's reviews literature and relaxation literature exists. This distinctive booklet brings jointly those components in a manner that permits the reader to view women's rest from a number of views aiding to supply possibilities for equality, integrity and freedom of selection inside of rest.

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Time after time, the desire to engage in physical recreation activities would lead to the belief that participation in such activities brought out unladylike behavior and masculine appearance in women. Since it was also believed that women were unable to A Historical Perspective 39 bear prolonged mental and physical strain, it was suggested that games and sports be modified for women and that women should cultivate good form rather than establish records (Welch & Lerch, 1981). Representative of this opinion was the following statement by Sargent: (Women should) know enough about sports to be sympathetic admirers of men and boys…this kind of devotion has made heroes of men in the past, and it will continue to make heroes of them in the future (1909, p.

The traditional view of what was feminine had a powerful, often discouraging, influence on women’s participation. To step beyond these ascribed gender roles often resulted in a woman being labeled as deviant and as a lesbian. This accusation was threatening to many women who did not want the stigma to interfere with the rest of their lives. Thus, the homophobic attitudes deterred some girls and women from active pursuits, especially in sports. From the ensuing conflict between the stereotypic views of femininity and a woman’s desire to pursue “non-traditional” leisure interests arose the “female apologetic”.

A 1901 issue of Cosmopolitan indicated that open-air athletics for girls were very popular the entire year. Among the sports mentioned were skating, tobogganing, rowing, tennis, golf, lacrosse, swimming, riding, cycling, and certain track and field events (Cozens & Stumpf, 1974). The following year The Delineator, a popular women’s magazine, ran a series of nine articles on the appropriate attire, the proper execution of skills, and the benefits of participating in fencing, basketball, swimming, bowling, rowing, golf, tennis, track and field, and horseback riding (Welch & Lerch, 1981).

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