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Abel Sanchez and Other Stories by Miguel de Unamuno

By Miguel de Unamuno

Delve into 3 of Spanish thinker Miguel de Unamuno's so much haunting parables.

This crucial Unamuno reader starts off with the full-length novel Abel Sanchez, a contemporary retelling of the tale of Cain and Abel. additionally integrated are impressive brief tales, The insanity of health care professional Montarco and San Manuel Bueno, Martyr, that includes quixotic, philosophically existential characters faced by means of the uninteresting discomfort of modernity.

Translated through Anthony Kerrigan and with an insightful advent via Mario J. Valdes

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In “Torso,” the narrator retells what he heard from Fra Petar, who in turn had heard the story from Hafiz Čelebi’s servant, who could not have witnessed the events in Syria himself, but must have learnt about them from someone else’s story. Fra Petar is Andrić’s archetypal storyteller; old and ill, lying on his deathbed: (…) Fra Petar was still able to tell long and beautiful stories, but only if he could find listeners whom he liked. No one could say what the beauty of his stories consisted of exactly.

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