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Algebra 2 by McGraw-Hill

By McGraw-Hill

This system scholars desire; the focal point academics WANT!
Glencoe Algebra 2 is a key application in our vertically aligned highschool arithmetic sequence constructed to assist all scholars in attaining a greater knowing of arithmetic and enhance their arithmetic rankings on today’s high-stakes checks.

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If so, give an example and explain why it is true. If not true, give a counterexample. b+c 64. Writing in Math Use the information about coupons on page 11 to explain how the Distributive Property is useful in calculating store savings. Include an explanation of how the Distributive Property could be used to calculate the coupon savings listed on a grocery receipt. 65. ACT/SAT If a and b are natural numbers, then which of the following must also be a natural number? 66. REVIEW Which equation is equivalent to 4(9 - 3x) = 7 - 2(6 - 5x)?

Integer with a multiplicative inverse that is an integer CHALLENGE Determine whether each statement is true or false. If false, give a counterexample. A counterexample is a specific case that shows that a statement is false. 59. Every whole number is an integer. 60. Every integer is a whole number. 61. Every real number is irrational. 62. Every integer is a rational number. 63. REASONING Is the Distributive Property also true for division? In other _b _c words, does _ a = a + a , a ≠ 0? If so, give an example and explain why it is true.

Any real number greater than 9 is a solution of this inequality. The graph of the solution set is shown at the right. A circle means that this point is not included in the solution set. 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 CHECK Substitute a number greater than 9 for x in 7x - 5 > 6x + 4. The inequality should be true. 1. Solve 4x + 7 ≤ 3x + 9. Graph the solution set on a number line. Multiplying or dividing each side of an inequality by a positive number does not change the truth of the inequality. However, multiplying or dividing each side of an inequality by a negative number requires that the order of the inequality be reversed.

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