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Algebra II - Noncommunicative Rings, Identities by A. I. Kostrikin, I. R. Shafarevich

By A. I. Kostrikin, I. R. Shafarevich

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The place value name is 4,076,265. D. Write the place value name for 346 million. The place value name is 346,000,000. Replace the word million with six zeros. E. Write the place value name for four thousand fifty-three. Note that the comma is omitted. The place value name is 4053. F. The purchasing agent for the Russet Corporation received a telephone bid of fortythree thousand fifty-one dollars as the price of a new printing press. What is the place value name of the bid that she will include in her report to her superior?

Y ϩ 67 ϭ 125 14. z Ϫ 81 ϭ 164 15. k Ϫ 56 ϭ 112 16. c ϩ 34 ϭ 34 17. 73 ϭ x ϩ 62 18. 534 ϭ a ϩ 495 19. 87 ϭ w Ϫ 29 20. 373 ϭ d Ϫ 112 21. The selling price for a computer is $1265. If the cost to the store is $917, what is the markup? 22. The selling price of a trombone is $675. If the markup is $235, what is the cost to the store? 23. The length of a rectangular garage is 2 meters more than the width. If the width is 7 meters, what is the length? 24. The width of a rectangular fish pond is 6 feet shorter than the length.

61. Ralph works the following subtraction problem, 10,034 Ϫ 7959, and gets a difference of 2075. Estimate the answer by rounding each number to the nearest thousand to see if Ralph’s answer is reasonable. If not, find the correct difference. 62. The state of Alaska has an area of 570,374 square miles, or 365,039,104 acres. The state of Texas has an area of 267,277 square miles, or 171,057,280 acres. Estimate the difference in the areas using square miles rounded to the nearest ten thousand. Estimate the difference in the areas using acres rounded to the nearest million.

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