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An Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy: And of by John Stuart Mill

By John Stuart Mill

This Elibron Classics ebook is a facsimile reprint of a 1889 variation by way of Longmans, eco-friendly, and Co., London and manhattan. 6th version.

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Introduction Logic allows philosophers to think seriously about abstract concepts in ways that are usually confined to the realms of science fiction or fantasy. g. ones in which there is no matter or time). Doing this allows them to extend the possible ‘state of affairs’ beyond what seems to be the case. By conducting such ‘thought experiments’ and imagining such ‘possible worlds’, philosophers investigate the conceptual limits of reality and what we know. Thought experiments have a reputable lineage.

In addition, thoughts are always about something yet brain processes do not seem to be about anything, they are simply the states the brain is in according to the information received and the processing in progress. g. of pain, love, embarrassment), whereas ‘me’ as my mind seems deeply involved in such things. Ignoring this is ignoring what separates us from other living species that do not have consciousness. On this account, brain processes are the same as mental states. g. they were both exclusively thinking about the same weather), then their mental states should be the same.

To swim across the Atlantic Ocean. 3. To hear someone speaking on the other side of the earth. 23 Doing Philosophy 4. To hear a colour. 5. To wish for something without knowing it. 6. To play a computer game that does not exist. 7. To see next week’s episode of a TV soap opera. 8. To get up, have your breakfast, leave for work then suddenly find yourself back in bed waking up. 9. To hear without ears. 10. For a lead ball to float in water. 11. For a colour to exist that no creature in the world can see.

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