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An Introduction to Hopf Algebras by Robert G. Underwood

By Robert G. Underwood

The research of Hopf algebras spans many fields in arithmetic together with topology, algebraic geometry, algebraic quantity conception, Galois module thought, cohomology of teams, and formal teams and has wide-ranging connections to fields from theoretical physics to computing device technology. this article is exclusive in making this attractive topic obtainable to complicated graduate and starting graduate scholars and makes a speciality of purposes of Hopf algebras to algebraic quantity concept and Galois module conception, offering a tender transition from smooth algebra to Hopf algebras.

After delivering an creation to the spectrum of a hoop and the Zariski topology, the textual content treats presheaves, sheaves, and representable team functors. during this means the scholar transitions easily from simple algebraic geometry to Hopf algebras. the significance of Hopf orders is underscored with functions to algebraic quantity thought, Galois module conception and the idea of formal teams. by means of the top of the ebook, readers might be acquainted with proven ends up in the sector and able to pose study questions in their own.

An workout set is incorporated in each one of twelve chapters with questions ranging in hassle. Open difficulties and study questions are awarded within the final bankruptcy. must haves comprise an figuring out of the fabric on teams, earrings, and fields generally lined in a simple direction in sleek algebra.

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X 1 / D . X // 1 , and so this element must be a unit of S . S / consists of all algebra maps u W RŒX; X 1  ! S , where X 7! S /. S / defined? S /. Then . X / D m. X / D m. S / with the multiplicative group of units in S . This is the multiplicative R-group scheme, which is denoted by Gm . 2 Homomorphisms of R-Group Schemes 41 Here are two more examples of R-group schemes. X n 1/. X / D X n 1 D X 1 . S / is determined by sending X to an element s in S for which s n D 1. For this reason, F is the multiplicative group of the nth roots of unity, denoted by n .

B C /A/  A . A ˝R A/  .. A ˝R A/  .. B C /A: t u We are now in a position to show that N is an R-group scheme. 3. B C /A; / is an R-group scheme. Proof. B C /A. We show that there exist R-algebra maps  W C ! C ˝R C , W C ! R, and W C ! 4), respectively. First, let A W A ! A ˝R A denote the comultiplication of A, and let ˇ W A ˝R A ! A ˝R A/=J be the canonical surjection of R-algebras. 3(i), A . B C /A/  J , and so there exists an R-algebra map ˇA W C ! A ˝R A/=J ! C ˝R C; and so the map defined as  D ˛ˇA is an R-algebra map  W C !

8// is Hausdorff. 16. 5/g in Spec Z. 17. 7/g in Spec ZŒi. 18. 1 C /g in Spec ZC2 . 19. 7. 20. 3 C 2i/; : : : ; g  Spec ZŒi be endowed with the subspace topology. Determine whether S is homeomorphic to Spec Z. p 1 21. 3 /; : : : ; . 1 C /g in 2 2 Spec ZC2 be endowed with the subspace topology. Determine whether S is homeomorphic to Spec Z. 3 22. Let X be a topological space endowed with the discrete topology, and let A be a non-empty set with at least two elements. Let a 2 A. U / D A. V / ! fag.

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